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Welcome to Sympulse

5 Tips For Core Sympulse Organizing Committee Members

Applying to be a core organizing committee member? Here’s a comprehensive list of tips to help you while applying as well as during your tenure for the best student-run fest in Pune!

Zora- The Wikipedia Page

Zora (zo-rah; born February 15, 2010) is an internationally known singer, actor, dancer, performer and mascot of the student-run fest of SCMS Pune, ‘Sympulse.’

Zora has amassed thousands of fans and supporters over the years; becoming the first known pandi-corn to be domesticated and beloved worldwide.

The Journey Of A Sympulse Ticket

A Voyage

Some had been redeemed at Ananya’s events, where they saw the rich and vibrant culture that Sympulse brings with it, through music and dance. I even met tickets which had fallen to the ground during a Sprint event but were still put to service a few days later at one of Headline’s biggest events ‘Battle Of The Bands.’

A Welcome Letter From Zora

I am Zora, your friendly neighbourhood pandi-corn hybrid and writer extraordinaire. I am the life, the face, and, let’s be honest; the best part of Sympulse. The time has come for me to address my fans. 

The Social Awakening

A Social Outreach Initiative

Sympulse has always been so much more than just Pune’s biggest cultural extravaganza and premier college fest. It’s a wholesome community of India’s youth who pave the way for a better tomorrow……………..

Theme ’21

A Global Canvas

Travel is so much more than just a plane ride around the world. It’s the coming together of people, cultures, and stories. It’s art. The globe is a canvas…………….

Sympulse ’20

A Cultural Medley

Sympulse ’20 was held from January 15th till January 28th. The campus saw some of its liveliest days once again. The five days went by in a breeze, even though there was relentless work behind the scenes. The theme was A Cultural Medley : An Indic Expedition………….