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Sympulse ’20

A Cultural Medley

Sympulse ’20 was held from January 15th till January 28th. The campus saw some of its liveliest days once again. The five days went by in a breeze, even though there was relentless work behind the scenes. The theme was A Cultural Medley : An Indic Expedition………….

Sympulse ’19

A Cinematic Odyssey

From the 15th to the 18th of January, Sympulse’19 induced palpable energy that seemed to energize and exhilarate the students of Symbiosis. With ‘A Cinematic Odyssey’ as their theme, Sympulse saw an outpour of enthusiastic students from various colleges take part in the plethora of events and competitions that the fest had to offer…….

Sympulse ’18

An Elemental Entourage

From the 17th to the 22nd of January ’18, immense energy and enthusiasm flowedinto Sympulse’18, An Elemental Entourage. Participants and viewers alike poured intocampus to witness the fest in all its glory. The campus was a site to see, with colours andsmiling faces and excitement as various events unfolded throughout the fest………….