Sympulse ’18

From the 17th to the 22nd of January ’18, immense energy and enthusiasm flowed
into Sympulse’18, An Elemental Entourage. Participants and viewers alike poured into
campus to witness the fest in all its glory. The campus was a site to see, with colours and
smiling faces and excitement as various events unfolded throughout the fest.

The 5 elements of Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Cosmos are versatile and imperative to our
existence. They are omnipresent and we must coexist with them in harmony. The theme “An
Elemental Entourage” alludes to the same. Our Entourage has a diverse range of skills and
interests which cumulatively bring out the elements of our fest. TEDxSIUVimanNagar carried the theme “Ctrl+Alt+Del – Reset the way you think”.

Over the five days of sumpulse, the campus was busting with peoplefrom all over the city. While some came to partcipate in the wonderfully organised events, some came to enjoy the food and frolic of the fest. The events ranged from MUNs, and Business, to the Arts, and Sport, arranged by the five wings.

The grandest event of all, The Sundowner, held on the last day of the fest in Raga Lawns,
attracted thousands of people being entertained by some of the greatest stand up
comedians of the country, Abish Mathew, Sorabh Pant and East India Comedy. The night ended with the fest with the crowd dancing away to upbeat songs played by popular artists, Ritviz and Divine-Gully Gang. With the entire fest having been so exhilarating and a smashing success, we’re eagerly awaiting what is to come in Sympulse’19.

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