Sympulse ’20

Sympulse ’20 was held from January 15th till January 28th. The campus saw some of its liveliest days once again. The five days went by in a breeze, even though there was relentless work behind the scenes. The theme was A Cultural Medley : An Indic Expedition and represented the inclusive and accepting nature of Sympulse.

India is a land that is known for many things, our diverse culture leaves its imprint on every citizen, and traveller alike. Our country is and as rich as our history is: there is a never ending pool of inspiration to be taken from all of it. We celebrate diversity. Symbiosis too, is a melting pot of students from different states and countries thus we can truly appreciate the benefits and the beauty that exists in understanding and witnessing culture from different places.

The campus was decked up in colourful and ornate decorations, and the energy of the organising committee, participants, and audiences added to the charm. Sympulse was kicked off with the Academic Summit graced by – Mr. Ashish Vidyarthi and Ms. Krushna Patil. While they gave illuminating talks on the environment, sustainability and motivation, there was an array of events from Arm Wrestling to Street Dance, and Mono-acting, Crowds flocked to EDM Nights, Pitstop and the food stalls.

Instacon was panelled by web influencers Roshni Walia, Viraj Ghelani, Nidhi Kumar, and Yashaswini Dayama, and Nakuul Mehta and Anya Singh judged the talent hunt. The Council of Heroes assembled to avert crisis and amateur rappers showcased their talent at Rap It Up hosted by M Zee Bella. As the days progressed, the realisation that another year of Sympulse had passed us by set in, but there was still The Sundowner to look forward to.

‘The Sundowner’ held in raga lawns, Mundhwa on 24th of January was an absolute success, filled with shops selling trinkets, good food and amazing performances, Sundowner experienced a huge crowd from all across the country. The evening started with Vishal Shivakumar opening for Rahul Dua, the runner up of Comicstaan season one followed by a spectacular performance by ‘The local train’. The night ended with DJ Omen’s bangers which had everyone grooving.

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