Theme ’21

The wait for Sympulse’21 theme unveil came to an end on March 1, 2021 on Sympulse’s YouTube page. A year when time stopped and the world came to a standstill, what kept us going was the memories of all the fun we’ve had and all the fun that is yet to come. Travel is so much more than just a plane ride around the world. It’s the coming together of people, cultures, and stories. It’s art. The globe is a canvas. The theme for Sympulse’21, A Global Canvas!

Remembering those heart warming stories of your childhood evokes a plethora of memories, from your annual trip to your grandparent’s house to chasing after the moon in the window of your car. Your first camp with your friends, being away from home, a surge of responsibility. Not soon after you’re packing your bags and off to college, where you actually have to be responsible for yourself. Every cancelled plan and tussle with your parents will lead to adventures full of great company and enriching experiences.

You’ve seen mountains and beaches, and everything in between, but travel is truly never-ending. You will get older, the stories will multiply, but the excitement will remain unchanged. You’ve experienced a lot, and bound to experience a lot more, so in anticipation for what’s to come, let’s embark on this journey together.

With a promise to make Sympulse’21 more memorable than ever, it’ll truly be the first of it’s kind. As an ode to the canvas with all the global imprints that the world could offer, it’ll be a melody of culture in-synch with our strong roots deep into the heart of Pune. Past the year of being bound to our homes, Sympulse ‘21 is an assured ticket to a 5 day vacation filled with love, memories, culture and boundless joy. So, hold on tight, and wait until we come back again with more updates and your one-way ticket to the world of euphoria.

Watch the Theme Video –

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