The Journey Of A Sympulse Ticket

Let’s start at the very beginning.

I come from the trees; you see. The efforts of man and machine. My existence serves but one purpose, to serve my holder. This clause in my existence has led me through a lot of sweaty hands, and a lot of sweatier pockets. I’ve shared these tight spaces with packets of chewing gum and folded up pages ripped from notebooks with fresh ink.

Although I haven’t been redeemed at any event yet, my brethren, my batch has. Through these five days of Sympulse, I kept coming across them on their travels. I got to hear stories; stories of the alluring sights they saw. The music, the celebrities, and the arrestingly beautiful lights, woven into a beautiful tale.

One I hope to live in someday.

Some of them had been redeemed at Ananya’s events, where they saw the rich and vibrant culture that Sympulse brings with it, through music and dance. I even met tickets which had fallen to the ground during a Sprint event but were still put to service a few days later at one of Headline’s biggest events ‘Battle Of The Bands.’ Talk about appreciation in value. An absolute cultural medley.

I still wait, to this day, for my chance at redemption. However, I don’t think I will have to wait for much longer now. Not anymore. Tomorrow is Day 5, the last day of Sympulse. My owner: they’ve got to use me tomorrow, right? 


Wait, what’s happening? I hear doors banging shut behind me. Ah, we must be leaving, hurtling towards my destiny. My one true purpose. My time has come. Just a few hours mor….

Woah, why am I upside down? Wait no, someone must tell them that I’m still in the pocket! Don’t open the washing machine door, no no no!

I narrate this as the water level rises. I await my end now. The final spin. 

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