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Zora (zo-rah; born February 15, 2010) is an internationally known singer, actor, dancer, performer and mascot of the student-run fest of SCMS Pune, ‘Sympulse.’

Zora has amassed thousands of fans and supporters over the years; becoming the first known pandi-corn to be domesticated and beloved worldwide. Zora’s numerous awards and accolades include the ‘Most Photogenic Pandi-Corn’ Award as well as the ‘Most Popular Mythological Creature In Pune’ Award.

Personal Life

• Childhood

Zora came to life in 2010 as a pandi-corn (half panda half unicorn). Initially, before Sympulse, Zora was a writer, and eventually decided to give the students of SCMS Pune an opportunity to unite in a cultural student-run fest, i.e. Sympulse. 

Zora quickly gained widespread noteriety as the mascot of Sympulse, becoming a beloved figure in Pune over the numerous editions of the fest. 

Over the years, Zora has been present in almost all Sympulse activities, with prominent appearances on social media.

• Physical Description

Zora, as the mascot of Sympulse, appears prominently as a blue and white panda, with a unicorn horn on its head. Zora is also known for its vibrant personality and is said to have an opinion about almost anything and everything.

Zora is absolutely adored by the students of SCMS Pune, and has thus developed a sense of responsibility to ensure that the fest goes on without a hitch. Zora also appears to be slightly self-obsessed, but in the most endearing sense ever; often making self-deprecating jokes at its own expense.

• Relationships

Zora has always been single. Sorry if you were expecting something else, but Zora has always been a unique magical creature like no other. That’s probably one of the reasons why it couldn’t ever find the perfect partner. 

The only ‘ship’ Zora cares about is sponsorship, and that’s precisely why we love it. Its dedication to Sympulse is way more than anyone could ever imagine. 


• Beginnings

Zora fondly remembers those days when it used to dream about becoming a writer someday. That innocent pandi-corn was absolutely unaware of the struggles that lay ahead. 

Yet to be disillusioned, Zora started out as a freelance content writer. Unfortunately in the early 2010s, there wasn’t much work for young Zora in the bustling city of Mumbai.

Zora then started to work as a copywriter in the growing advertising industry. Soon Zora found itself gravitating away from the chaos of a metropolitan city and moved from Mumbai to Pune. 

Upon discovering SCMS Pune, Zora decided to set up shop on the campus and expand its skillset to professional meddler and ever so occasional troublemaker, along with being the infamous resident party animal it is. 

Zora doesn’t like to admit it but Sympulse has been the biggest highlight of its career as of December 2021 (at least according to Zora’s manager). 

• Guest Appearances

Zora is no less than a celebrity. It has shared the stage with everyone from Ayushmann Khurrana to Vicky Kaushal, to our favourite band, The Local Train. It has been a part of all the editions of Sympulse right from the beginning and will continue to be our beloved mascot till the very end (which is never).

While we couldn’t access Zora’s previous works because of airtight Non-Disclosure Agreements, Zora has been featured on various social media websites such as Instagram, Twitter, the Sympulse website and the Sympulse blog.

In fact, rumour has it that Zora has even hijacked Sympulse’s official Twitter page!


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