5 Tips For Core Sympulse Organizing Committee Members

Applying to be a core organizing committee member? Here’s a comprehensive list of tips to help you while applying as well as during your tenure for the best student-run fest in Pune!

1) No Experience? Experience Sympulse! 

We understand that applying to be a core member of Sympulse can be daunting. Added to that is a rigorous round of interviews from some of the most sadistic HODs. 

However, your saving grace is that Sympulse doesn’t require a core member to have a large amount of expertise and years of experience. All it asks is that a core member is willing to put in efforts to learn. Just show promise and try your best to deliver! 

2) Deadline or Death 

You might think a few individual slip-ups here and there won’t matter to a student-run college fest. Think again. Each department of Sympulse is interconnected in such an intricate and delicate way that the work of one significantly impacts that of the other. 

It is critical to adhere to all deadlines, or at least inform in advance if you’re recovering from a night-out with friends. A warning letter is no empty threat.

3) A Speedy Internet Connection

A steady internet connection is an indispensable asset. As a part of the organizing committee, you’re expected to juggle multiple responsibilities at once. However, that can be difficult when even your online classes sound like some sort of weird glitchy alien correspondence! Bad internet is a huge non-starter! 

From managing events to simply laying back and enjoying Sympulse, you absolutely need a fast enough internet connection to binge-watch Netflix during long core departmental meetings.

4) The Executive Committee

Our father who art in heaven. The karta dhartas of Sympulse. You know the execs have always got your back, even if you mess up! They are your pillars whenever you feel like giving up. 

Psst, they keep a check on the HODs too, so you know who to contact in case of a dispute with your HOD. 

No, not being accepted to your favourite department doesn’t count as a dispute. Better luck next time!

 5) Sympulse Before Departments

Sympulse is a typical Indian family, complete with charming little spats, and cute little rivalries. 

Throughout the years, Sympulse has brought together distinct personalities and provided individuals with a platform to come together and work towards one singular, common goal. Remember to not constrict yourself to just your department. Remember- Sympulse is a team-building opportunity not a war against your college rival in another department. 

Zora Update Of The Week:

It’s a new year, with which came another wave of COVID-19. Zora spends its days following COVID-19 protocol and preparing for Sympulse and has declared THAT IF IT SPIES ANYONE ON THE STREETS WITHOUT A MASK, NOT MAINTAINING SOCIAL DISTANCE OR GOD FORBID, PARTYING, IT WILL BAN THEM FROM SYMPULSE. 

Zora has also declared OMICRON and that ridiculous FLORONA (seriously, what are they thinking?) as its public enemies #1 and #2. Can’t blame it.

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