New Year, New Sympulse

Like any other organization out there, Sympulse has been eagerly awaiting the new year. 2022 brings with it a clean slate; ready to stir up entertainment, laughter, and exhilaration with its upcoming festivities.

A new year warrants new resolutions. Be it our college, our organising committee, or even our beloved mascot, Zora.

The first quarter of 2022 will start off with a bang as our beloved fest is almost here. The organizing committee’s new year’s resolutions is a promise that no attendee will leave Sympulse fest without an ear to ear smile across their face. With brand new performances and a highly talented roster, Sympulse’22 guarantees an exciting time ahead.

A new year certainly bears its fruits. Some reap faster than others, just like the news that Sympulse is coming up with some fantastic new stuff over the next year that’s going to sweep you right off your feet.

However, you might have to hold your breath just a little longer. Yes you, stop asking for spoilers. Zora has kept this secret tight, so we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

The 5 wings of Sympulse are eager to showcase their extravagant events, aiming to put out the best edition of the fest yet.

Events like Rap it Up, COD-M and Civil War are infamous for bringing out the competitive spark in participants and Ananya knows how to do this very well. What’s better than letting your hair down to groove into Melody, Tarang and Feel the Beat.

While Slam Poetry and Ae Kya Bolti Tu take you for a swirl, Mono Acting adds a touch of glitter to your performance. So if you have that creative, competitive and carefree attitude hidden in you, Ananya is the place for you. As our beloved guest judge Maadhyam once said “Good music is what connects you, and I connected with every performance.”

Sprint is like coming up for that breath of fresh air, amidst the heightened ecstasy of competition amongst the participants. All those workout videos you pretended to watch during lockdown will surely come to great use when you take part in Sprint’s calisthenic competitions. Remember that time you downloaded those chess apps thinking it made you an intellectual? Well now you know where to showcase all those hours and hours of ‘practice.’! At Sprint’s events. You are not only quite literally pushing your own boundaries but also getting the perfect rush of adrenaline with judges like Ishan Khedkar and Sandeep Singh in a front row seat.

We don’t call ourselves a management college for nothing. The team at Symulate and SIMUNC are ready to launch the most exciting, intuitive and high-risk events in 2022. SIMUNC pulls out the best MUNs in the city, with each committee full of delegates who are truly passionate about their agendas while Symulate’s events are perfect for the world’s future conglomerate billionaires and hidden entrepreneurs.

The team at Headline Events is back at it again, ready to host glamorous and captivating events. The music junkies out there are sure to find their vice in popular events like ‘Battle of the Bands’ and ‘War of the DJs’. Who says you have to be Martin Garrix to excel at producing amazing music?

Don’t forget the most popular event of Sympulse. The star-studded finale, the showstopper if you will: Sundowner.

Sundowner has been and always will be the flagship event of Sympulse. So don’t forget to tune in and witness a truly spectacular celebration of music and dance. Who knows, you might even spot a couple of your favourite celebrities!

Even Zora has announced a couple of resolutions for the new year. Zora has made it a personal mission to educate each and every citizen of Pune (and the rest of the world- Zora is nothing if not ambitious) about Sympulse. If you see a blue and white pandi-corn out and about in the streets, yelling intensely at an unsuspecting local, the smart thing to do would be to simply book your ticket to Sympulse.

One thing we can all definitely relate to is that we are all super excited for Sympulse and can’t wait to experience it. With 2022 starting off with a hopeful January, the thrill and buzz of Sympulse ‘22 is increasing day by day.

Sympulse is not just a fest; it’s a feeling. For those who’ve experienced it as well as our soon to be participants. It’s no surprise when someone says their best college memories came from Sympulse.

Are you ready for 2022? Grab a snack and your favourite pair of headphones and join us for Sympulse ‘22.

The wait is almost over.

Zora Update Of The Week: Zora is inviting suggestions for the design of its newest face mask. Just letting you know in case it comes flying to your house for suggestions. Fair Warning: Zora is very particular about its fashion sense.

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